英语:“you and I”还是“you and me”?

“you and I”还是”you and me” ? 当用做主语时用“you and I”,但用做宾语时”you and me”。

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Therefore, if “you and I” are performing the action, it should be “you and I”—当“you and I” 执行动作时,应该用“you and I”:
  • “You and I are best friends.”
  • “You and I are supposed to work together.”
  • “You and I crossed the finish line at the same time.”
    (TIP: Never use “you and I” at the end of a sentence.—永远不要在句末用“you and I”)
If “you and I” are receiving the action, it should be “you and me”—当“you and I” 是动作的接受者时,应该用“you and me”:
  • “The teacher picked you and me as study partners.”
  • “My parents will give you and me a ride to school today.”
  • “John promised to take you and me to Disneyland.”
    (TIP: Never use “you and me” at the beginning of a sentence.—永远不要在句首用“you and I”)
There is another way to figure out which one you need. Simply cross out “you and” and see if the sentence still makes sense:

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《英语:“you and I”还是“you and me”?》有3个想法


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